NB things to know


Here are some must read documents which are referred to in the articles on this website.  They are Big Things everyone interested in understanding the Practice of Medicine should know:

To Err is Human; The Institute of Medicine’s wave creating report which finally opened the eyes of the profession to the magnitude of the error problem in healthcare.





Crossing the Quality Chasm; You can’t write a report saying doctors kill more people than wars and then not offer any follow up recommendations for how to fix that.  This is the starting point from which pretty much everyone worked when looking at how to improve the healthcare system.




A 2020 Vision for Patient Centered Care; This is a great starting point to read about how the concept of patient centeredness addresses quality matters.  The IOM identified it as one of six core measures of quality and so rejuvenated the thinking around this key concept.  This article speaks to this one aspect of the IOM’s 2020 Vision.  Note that the full proceedings of the IOM’s 25’th Anniversary Symposium entitled “2020 Vision: Health in the 21’st Century” can be bought in book form here:




The Patient Centered Medical Home; A starting out document looking at this practical concept which was developed to implement the 2020 patient centered concept.