My career began in general medicine and has in turns taken in the wilderness and remote medical context, emergency and critical incident considerations, medical informatics and electronic medical records and integrated health systems.  My work experience shows a strong influence from the disciplines of psychology & psychiatry which provide and cognitive psychology and critical incident psychology insights.  It is also strongly influenced by experience in medical informatics and medical software design.  An interest in the human factors of decision making and error , especially in acute, critical incidents which by nature are threatening and impair function, a strong background in information technology and a passion for remote places has led to my current focus on telemedicine in the resource-poor context and more generally to work on better, less error prone and more patient-centric systems.


Medical officer posts, rural hospital, Ciskei – 1992-1993

Posts in internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, opthalmology

General practice, rural towns, Western Canada – 1994

Locum work in small one or two doctor rural towns in Western Canada.

Medical officer psychiatry, Walsgrave Hospital Coventry, England – 1994-1995

Academic post in a teaching hospital covering largely day patients with common psychological and psychiatric problems with a minority of acute serious psychiatric in-patient cases.

General practice, rural towns, Western Canada – 1996-2004

Further typical rural general practice in small towns.

Medical director, emergency service, Vermilion Alberta – 1996-2000

Medical director duties including case management, telemedicine support for field staff, protocol review and medical teaching

Consultant to Medtech EMR systems – 1996-1997

Worked with Canadian based IT firm to customize usability and functionality of the first electronic medical record to be deployed in routine use in an Alberta general medical service.

Teaching post, University of Edmonton – 1998-2000

Teaching and mentoring of post graduate family practice residents on month long rotations in family medicine.

Founding design team member, Taber Integrated Healthcare Project – 2000-2003

Taber and geographic region were the site of an innovative integrated healthcare model which received capitated funding from the Canadian government (instead of the normal fee for service funding model) and delivered comprehensive healthcare services utilizing all disciplines in the region and integrating patient care, medical records, care planning and dividing workload amongst medical and allied medical disciplines in a way to foster better healthcare outcomes for a given healthcare spend.

Teaching post, University of Calgary – 2000-2003

Teaching and mentoring of post graduate family practice residents on month long rotations.

Consultant to the VCUR programme, Alberta – 2002

Invited to sit on the Vendor Conformance and Usability Requirement panel tasked to establish a set of performance and functionality criteria for electronic medical record vendors to obtain license to sell product within the province of Alberta.  Collaborated with medical informatics experts, IT professionals and clinical process experts and wrote advisory papers on various topics to do with using technology in the pursuit of better quality healthcare and error reduction.

Consultant to LSS Data Systems – 2001-2002

Consulted to a Minneapolis based firm on the design of their electronic medical record product and its implementation in a Canadian Health region.

Consultant to  Meditech – 2002-2003

Consulted to a Boston based electronic medical informatics vendor on the design of their electronic medical record product and proposed at strategic level future design direction.  Developed story board detailed presentations on desired functionality to address error reduction in the management of common chronic diseases.

Consultant to Chinook Health Region – 2003-2004

Provided consultation services on system design for management of chronic medical disorders and integration of electronic medical record software tools for this purpose.

Head, Emergency Medical Unit, Nelspruit Medi-Clinic – 2004-2005

On return to Africa set up systems and managed the emergency medical unit servicing the Lowveld region and southern Mozambique and Swaziland.

Founded Africa SAFE-T – 2006

Founder and current CEO of Africa SAFE-T, a company created to deliver holistic medical services to prepare for and respond to emergency medical incidents occurring in wilderness setting and affecting tourists to Africa.

Founded Aim Centre – 2009

Founder and current MD of the Africa Incident Management Centre, a team dedicated to complex problem modeling and critical incident decision making with the purpose of improving the management of critical incidents in the wilderness setting in Africa.

Registered for PhD telemedicine at University of Kwa-Zulu Natal – 2011

Currently engaged in research and studies at UKZN in the field of error reduction on telemedical platforms.  Exploring system dynamics and system load distribution in typical medical scenarios, medical informatics and decision making and cognitive psychology with a focus on the human factors of error.


MBBCh – University of the Witwatersrand, 1991

LMCC (Canada) – 1996

PhD Telemedicine – University of KwaZulu Natal, current



General practice

Emergency medicine

Psychiatry / psychology


Informatics & Cognitive Psychology:

Human Factors in systems design

Systems theory and system loading

Error modeling and error reduction technique

Complex problem modeling, data visualization,

Information Technology:

Experience with business process modeling

Familiar with open source Content Management Systems and MySQL database

Understand basic theories of database design

Experienced in the process of software functionality design

Detailed knowledge of electronic medical record history, paradigms and current functionality

Detailed knowledge of historical and current approaches to clinical decision support tools


General business management experience

Detailed experience with the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Detailed experience with the Insurance Industry


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Bio Simon King